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For many years, parents have been told that bad behaviors like whining, fussy crying and tantrums in young children are healthy and should be expected. This is not true!


Inside this book, you'll discover how to:

  • Build a relationship of trust

  • Stop tantrums, whining & fussy crying for good!

  • Establish bedtime routines & end the battles

  • Teach appropriate social skills

  • Train your child to overcome shyness

  • Take charge with mature parenting

  • Give appropriate rewards & consequences

  • ...and much more!    


Holly McLean, The Mommy Answer Lady, Certified Parent Educator, the "child whisperer" and mother of nine, gives a new perspective using mindsets and methods that directly address behaviors with loving firmness while building a relationship of trust.


With an emphasis on concepts, step by step instruction and practical advice, you'll find answers that will help you become the most effective parent you can be! 

How to Train Your Child to Behave

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